Welcome to the Michigan Volunteer Registry!

This site is used to register, notify, and inform individuals who are interested in volunteering in the event of a natural or public health emergency. By adding your name and information to the Registry, you are indicating your willingness to volunteer your time and skills in an emergency. Registering places you under no obligation to volunteer.

Is the Michigan Volunteer Registry right for me?

  • Anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to apply, including both licensed medical professionals and non-licensed citizens.
  • Volunteers are used to assist with several types of emergencies/disasters including floods, tornados, large fires, as well as events that may be chemical, biological, explosive, radiological, or nuclear in nature.
  • Most volunteer opportunities occur at the local level on an episodic, as-needed basis. This means there may be long periods of time when volunteers are not utilized or deployed. We strongly encourage applicants who are interested in regular, reoccurring volunteer opportunities to visit the Michigan Community Service Commission volunteer page for more information on these types of opportunities.

Once I’m registered and approved to volunteer, what happens next?

  • During a declared emergency or disaster event, this site will be accessed by authorized officials at the local, county or state level. If a decision is made to request volunteer service, you will be contacted using the information in your profile. If you are available and willing to deploy, you will be provided additional information and instructions by the appropriate officials.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to join a local Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Unit or specialty team to receive training and participate in public health and preparedness activities throughout the year.

OK, I’m ready to register!